Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, this term has definitely perplexed many. I love it. It seems to whisper wonder, ethereal, love, and lovely...things I adore. Goddess is what makes special sistas what those sistas are at their finest moments...a woman whose great charm, intelligence, power, grace and/or beauty arouses adoration, praise, and worship. She is lovely and complex. Being ALL OF THAT...there leaves little wonder to me why others who are not of that kind would attempt to dull and harm a sista with those Creator-given gifts. I've found that when I remember that, I find it a lot less difficult to forgive or, at least, understand why some try to injure women with those attributes.

My homegirl and I were politicking one day...we were discussing why I've been receiving such ugly energy from some people in my life. I was racking my brain and searching my soul trying to answer this question: Why would they do that to me?...She talked to her partner and came back to me with this...She said, (paraphrasing...of course)"Ayana, we were looking at all of my friends and thinking about where they are in their lives and we were thinking, 'Wow, Ayana has got a lot going for her...a condo in midtown, degree from Spelman, working on her MA/PhD, a dope dancer, single, and no children! We know a lot of people who would be walking around here acting like their ish don't stink and she isn't. Out of all of the people we know, she's the one who COULD act like that and be within her rights to do so....but she isn't like that!" She shared that with me recently and I'm still processing it, but in processing it I became a lot less upset with the people in my life who were treating me and my relationship with them with very little honor, respect, or loyalty. I became more detached from those people because I felt unsafe...I understand that I am only safe with people who can be happy about my blessings and not wish negativity upon me because of the decisions they've made in their lives that may not be to their liking, or are not genuinely happy about the goodness I've received, or are not okay with me being honest about my experiences with them or, I'm not sure if their assessment was completely accurate, and I can see how their assessment, if true, could lead some people to act funny style, shady grady, foul and wild, bunk like chumps, throw shade, fake me out, be real jive turkeys, be true lakers, be real cowards, just straight, yeah, it's getting better because I'm not even receiving all of that static. I'm only down with solid people, and all the others can split, hit the road, exit stage left because you are no longer featured....feel free to gag now! LOL.

So, I'll say exiting statement....get prepared...To my fellow goddesses, revere your inner-goddess and let no man or woman or organization put asunder your flyness. You are light in its most amazing form and your thunder can demolish the shine of those who wish you ill, whether in public or in their hearts. Make love be your your family, love your world, love your flaws, love your growth, love your time in physical form, love your loves here, love your loves lost, love your experiences, love your your self enough to protect your because love is the only reason you are here. Spread love thick and thin, along the crevices of your past pain and current learnings. Spread love high on your sky so that when your tears fall from the sun you will be showered in love from the heaven you are. Spread love beyond your reach so that it can touch those who need it most. Spread love in your bed so that your dreams will be cushioned with your essence and your ancestors can have a soft space in which to visit you. Spread love in your voice so that only words of understanding, honesty, and divine truth will color your verbal communications. Spread love in and throughout your life so that it can be more like you...more like love...more like your great charm, intelligence, power, grace and beauty and that will arouse adoration, praise, and worship from the most divine...Spread love layered and tough to keep your magic as lovely as you are...Namaste...

In light, love, magic, and Goddess,
Ayana a.k.a Magic Love Goddess


At 12:31 AM, Anonymous Your Mom had said was, uh...

Baby Girl, your words are nourishment for the soul and balm for spirits that are sometimes bruised by just trying to live day to day. You speak for so many who feel as you feel but aren't able to articulate those feelings as beautifully as you can. You continue to amaze me, my darling Beautful Flower and I'm so blessed and thankful that you chose me to be your mother.

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Gentle_Grounds had said was, uh...

I agree with your mother here. You articulate, and carry yourself well here. There will be people who hate you, and there will be people who love you, while others will not care; overall the only thing that will be important is if they respect you. I've learned a-lot of things while on this Earth, that people's opinions may hurt at times, because it's normal for humans to feel pain from those who will never care too much about us; however, remember that they're just another human, and if their opinion isn't positive, and they don't care, then why care about their negativity.

I applaud you for not being narcissistic and arrogant as many people are/would be in your position. I run into a lot of arrogant people who both have what you have, or more, or less and are stuck-up, and insensitive. It's annoying, but I deal with it. I remember my mom telling me that I'll probably be worst when I reach such a status; however, I deny her every time, because these are traits I disdain.

Well, this is my third post on your works. Will continue reading more later. Have a good one.


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