Wednesday, July 30, 2008


1st and foremost: I really enjoyed being at home. I went home to Ohio and I spent a lot of time with my family (blood-related and chosen), my old dance company, and my love. It felt sooooo good. I didn't want to leave that space. Even though there was a certain level of drama, which is to be expected in any situation, I still felt like staying in that felt genuine and safe. I saw my brother's best friend yesterday and we reminisced about my brother...I almost allowed myself to cry...that part was pretty rough. When I did my solo I had a bit of a breakdown...I miss him being around...I miss him...Home was good though. I really enjoyed the love...

Now onto the nitty gritty!

So, before I share my thoughts, I'm gonna pose a few situations and see how other folks see it...

A brotha tells you that you hava a tail-light out on your car. This brotha calls himself your friend. He does not take care of that for you. You share the situation with a few other brothas in your space and they don't take care of it either. What should a sista do with these brothas? I have my own opinions, of course, LOL! I've been taught that brothas, friends and intimate companions alike, are supposed to take care of that. Not only should they bring it to a sista's attention, but they should also take it upon themselves to alleviate the problem. That old-school Black man and gentleman is who I would expect to show up on the scene. If that man didn't show up, I'd get to the business of deleting numbers, closeness, and relationships with the quickness. I'd like to know what other folks think about a situation like that...what is a sista to do about brothas that don't kick in?

A brotha tells a sista, out of the blue without you even mentioning it, that he is not ready to be in a relationship. The sista hasn't said that she was interested in pursuing a relationship with said brotha and he is clearly assuming that this sista is on his tip, like that at least...what is a sista to do about a brotha who is that full of themselves?

I'm really not a fan of talking about the tragedy that is the state of Black folks relationships, AND I just can't even be quiet about what I've been seeing lately. Boy, we have GOT to do better! I'm sooooooooooo disappointed in brothas these days! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE US, good, bad, and very, very, very ugly, AND some of our brothas, possibly a lot of our brothas, are NOT honoring's sooooo sad. I really wish it were different. I really wish I felt different at this point...I just would love for a brotha to prove me wrong. I'm sooooo hoping one will...possibly two...I'd love for a whole lot to prove me wrong. I've been wrong before, I'm okay with that...I'm open to learning a lesson on this one too. So, yeah, what's a sista to do?


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Don had said was, uh...

I wish I could answer the question about brothers who don't kick in. I don't want to hurt us brothers, but I think it depends on the woman and what she is willing to accept.

Anyways, very nice picture and I see that you are a very intelligent sister who, I'm certain, is doing better....

Hope all is well.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger The Funky Fly Fresh Goddess had said was, uh..., I guess me not accepting that wack behavior looks like me changing what our relationship looks like (thank goodness that's already done!) and if that's the case...will I eventually run out of brothas that are in desperate need of a wake-up call? It's not looking too good...

Thanks...the photo shoot was fun. I'm looking forward to getting some grown man energy around me sooner than later...that will help in the feeling better


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