Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I think I'm telling...

So, I tried to wait before I told my mama and my dad about the very, very, very ugly deeds of someone in order to spare that person trials and pain if they returned to my life (they said that they would...right! We all know how that goes...*crickets*) So, it seems to me that they're not doing anything that they said they would and now it seems like the time to close that door altogether by letting my sources know what happened some five months ago. Let them know what only a select few know. I know that if I share with them what happened it will be over for that person being in my life in any way, shape, or form. They will never be allowed in my corner again. My sister told me that person doesn't deserve more time...actually, the select few who know said the same thing, but I was trying to allow the person a chance to be a man of their word and to be quite honest, I've run out of patience (one month, two months, three months, four months...) and if I decide to share with my sources then it will happen this, what to do? Moving on, folks, it's a trip! Philly was great...I had lots of good, umm, clean, umm, fun...ummm....LOL! Psych! Really, I did have good clean fun and I love it there. If I could move some place right now, it would be there. If I could move some people out of and far away from Atlanta, I'd love to stay here. At any rate, I'm back in Atlanta wanting to make it mine again...So, yeah, I wrote this because I wanted some opinions, some advice, some words of wisdom...possibly from those I know, those that I don't know, those I wish to know, whomever...I just want to stay away from mistakes this year and I want to make the best decision in this situation...making sure I do right by my self, my spirit, my heart, my future, my senses...that's all...I have to decide by this weekend. My mama will be here on Saturday and she's staying a week...If I tell, I'll be telling her within this upcoming week...hurry back with your wisdom. I eagerly await your gems (via email, comments, phone calls, whatever! I'm open!)

Spinning with arms wide open in the light and taking in all the orange soul I can...want some? I love to share...kisses, hugs, kugs...*muah*



At 7:19 AM, Blogger AnanaJohari had said was, uh...

the late blogger strikes again.. you know what i think. you are where you are for a reason and who you are for a reason. enjoy it to the fullest.. improve what needs improving to the best of your ability and move on cause no one is perfect but everyone was made by God perfectly. ;)


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