Sunday, February 26, 2006


Thought number one:
Don't bother, it won't happen again. Why? Because it's clear to me that you don't really see me...I'm too strong to fail and too weak to play, so don't bother, it won't happen again. Why? Because it's clear to me that you don't really see me.

Only a weak man would use a woman, a treasure, a queen, to validate themselves. How you treat a queen is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. I'm always learning,'s magnificent. I had/have something to say to my Afrikan men, my brothas, my warriors, my's right off the top of my head. It may seem scattered, AND I still want/wanted to get it out.

Thought number two (I've always got to move forward and keep my heart wrapped in quilts that don't deceive and always relieve me of any foul energy...moving forward and thinking about my goes...):

To my King (whoever you are...a sista never knows, right?), the planter of my seeds, my true heart's desire, the man that the Creator has created for me to make me feel like loving him is like walking on warm, blue water. To my King, I say this...Thoughts of you feel like morning sunshine. Warm, inviting, promising, and an orange breeze that brushes my skin, you, my King, your comfort and protection feels like naked summer evenings with star lit skies lighting up my life. I want you to know that my heart's goal is to motivate you higher than self. I wanna dance with you to your God self. Your position is one of beauty and strength when you submit to your Earth. You are safe here with me. You keep the Wisdom's around for more than spread legs and quivering thighs...we are the eyes to your soul. Created to walk with you, we are the planting of balance in your steady journey towards revolutionary love. Your solution lies in the joining of our hearts thus feeding our devotion to each other. In order to respect yourself, you must respect me...I am a reflection of you, the Creator, our history, and our future...if you don't love me, you don't love you. We need each other. Men be men, women be women, and drive us out of this despair. Black love is real, tangible, beautiful, exciting, changing, thick, rich, unique, and worth it. I will gladly carry the load because this battle for you, my seeds, my people, my love, my land, my heart, my King is worth it...I would gladly fight that battle if I knew you were fighting for me, your seeds, your people, your love, your land, your heart, your Queen...We're worth it. Let this breath open you up to vision...see me, see you, see us, see love, see truth...

To my King (whoever you are...a sista never knows, right?), I want to whisper revolution into your heart with the Afrika I hold in my soul. I want to hug you resilience. I want to kiss you humility. I want to tickle you patchouli in your God space. I want to partner your struggle with accomplishment. I want to brush you naughty. I want to paint you freedom. I want to lick you adoration on your Afrikan neck that stands tall like clouds that float above my peaceful rooftops. I want to fly you growth that rises like the spirit of Afrikan King's reaching for their seeds, their Queen's, and home. I want to trust you loyal. I want to breathe you smiles. I want to squeeze you life. I want to learn you brown, pure, relentless love (for my down south folks *smile*). I want to be your wisdom. I want to color you orange love. I want to be your Magic. I want to be your Love. I want to be your Goddess. Magic Love Goddess...Magic Love God-Is...Your Magic Love God-Is...I. S. Magic Love Goddess...*sigh*...That's for him...whoever he is, a sista never knows, right?

So, these were just some thoughts. My mama said that I wrote my vows when I wrote the last part...I don't know...maybe....depends on lots of things...anyway...that's that...Trust is a fickle thing these days...(another I've learned that you can't believe what you hear and believe only half what you see these days. People just talk a lot these days. I'm all about being quiet these days because this world isn't a safe place for a sista like me. People take advantage of folks like me (proudly taking with me lessons from 2005...Yea for progress! Woo Hoo!) I deleted numbers out of my phone today...that ish felt soo goooooood! I've made decisions about what I will be doing with myself this time next year...where I'll be and where I won't. I'm feeling like there is danger in Atlanta...not enough protection here. I understand now why children always want to run to mama's when things seem hard and cold...Our Earth's hold peace in every inch of their being. That's how Afrikan womb-en (Black womb-en, African American womb-en, Womb-en of Afrikan descent...whatever you wanna call yourself) have been able to carry on despite all the foul ish and lack of support they've had to endure for soooooooo's amazing. Being with me is being home...that's the joy of being a wisdom, a funky, fly, fresh God Is...Anyway, such a tangent, goodness! I have a show tomorrow and I need my rest, but I just had to get some of this out...Share some makes me feel at peace when I can give love to folks...*sigh*...I'm done for now...Juicy dreams...


At 10:45 PM, Blogger Phoenix had said was, uh...

oh sis, your love of love inspires and delights me. thank you for being the candle that leads the way. you are magic goddess. blessings, love and light always.



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