Sunday, December 17, 2006

This Gemineye with Taurus tendencies

I got this from a number of different sites and this what they told me about me...I'm excited!

You're in tune with the universe and all of its inhabitants. In fact, your perceptions are so right on it's downright spooky. Just don't reveal the secret behind all your information. A sense of mystery adds to your reputation.

Learn to erect appropriate boundaries. It's tempting to fix other people's lives, but it doesn't do anybody any good. These folks need to learn responsibility, and you need to learn where your limits are.

Both the Full Moon and New Moon are powerful for you this month, Gemini. The Full Moon on Dec. 4 occurs in your sign and is turbo-charged by unpredictable Uranus. You're crackling with energy. You stir up excitement wherever you are, even if you're trying to avoid attention. It's a time of sudden change. You see yourself and your relationships from fresh new angles that awaken possibilities you never imagined before.

A Full Moon in your 2nd House of Money on Dec. 4 may send shockwaves through your wallet. While there is a possibility that an unexpected source of cash could arrive, it's more likely that any surprises will appear on the expense side of your budget. Some creative accounting, funds shuffling or last-minute moneymaking ideas can save the day.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on Dec. 20 falls in your 7th House of Partnership, making this a powerful time to alter relationships. Transformative Pluto is conjunct the New Moon, highlighting issues you'd rather not face, but must. There's a promise of so much more for you, yet some deep changes need to occur before this happens. Sagittarius is a sign of hope and optimism, but Pluto requires that something must be eliminated to make room for the new.

Communicative Mercury kicks off a very busy weekend on Dec. 8 that is likely to keep you buzzing with visitors. If you find yourself feeling totally overwhelmed, ignore every bit of information that comes at you, turn off your mind, and just let your body take over. Feelings of fatigue or an urge to fight back are signs that you're taking what's being said all too seriously. An intense Sun-Pluto conjunction makes this a complex holiday season, with a much more serious tone this year.

Drugs and alcohol need play no role in activating this week's potentials. Your mind will just naturally inhabit what we in the consciousness industry call an "altered state." This is very different from being sick or crazy, and it could turn out much better than being merely healthy. My advice to you? Break taboos that are no longer necessary to observe. Wander uninhibitedly in zones that have previously been off-limits. Explore the frontiers of fun. (P.S. If you try what I'm suggesting, chances are good that you'll finally be able to scratch an itch that has been maddeningly inaccessible. But be sure you know when you've scratched enough.)

God was a little too busy to do anything about the genocide in Darfur last weekend," reported a while back, "but did manage, during a snowstorm in Buffalo, to leave fallen tree limbs in the form of a crucifix on a statue of Jesus." That's a mean-spirited interpretation of the Divine Wow's behavior, although it's funny in a snarky kind of way. Your assignment in the coming week, on the other hand, is to joke about spiritual matters with a more generous attitude. It's prime time for you to be humorously amazed by the tricky enigmas of creation.


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