Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Knew Lessons...

I've learned

1. People will lie about any and everything if it means that they may be able to keep the truth from breaking down their facade...despicable...

2. Tears and requests for forgiveness in private are not as important to some as what is said and done in public...

3. Just because you ask for something, it doesn't mean that you'll get it

4. Early violence should be minded and not excused

5. Fear is not an excuse for violence

6. Ancestors teach all the time and always listening is imperative

7. People love me and people would die and have died for me...

8. Kicking and pushing is the only way to break down some walls

9. Expecting truth is too much to expect from some people

10. My brother knew what happened to me before he went to the other side and he is protecting me now as he couldn't then

11. Crazy is as crazy does

12. Friends are relentless in their love of you

13. Foes are relentless in their comtempt of you

14. Some people grow...some people don't

15. I still despise liars and cowards

16. I still adore truth, honesty, and humility

17. Two-steppin is still fun

18. Random high kicking feels the same as running through the rain as a child to me...carefree

19. Musicians are interesting

20. Actors aren't always self-proclaimed

21. Truth doesn't depend on who believes you...truth just is...truth

22. Manipulation is a dangerous thing

23. Moving was the right thing to do

24. I regret being deceived

25. I love home and home loves me

26. My brother loved me dearly...my brother

27. Between Me, You and Liberation is love

28. Black love is home...I am home

29. Hoping and wishing are okay

30. Smiles are contagious

31. Children make me happy

32. Kisses, hugs, and kugs are priceless

33. Intrepid is a great word

34. So many things to say and do...so little time

35. I sure do know how to pick 'em! lol! At least, that's what Mr. Black thinks...

36. I can say things through dance that I cannot put into words...and I do

37. Peace is within my reach

38. People lie about their feelings allllllll the time

39....to be continued after I get back from dancing at the studio...

Kisses, hugs, kugs to all my lovely loves...

Ayana (aka Magic Love Goddess, Dancing Love Angel, Monet, Babygirl, Angel, Orange Blossom, Precious, Love, Queen, Star, Beautiful)


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