Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I wanna...

write, walk, learn, hug, kiss, talk, think, breathe, see, dance, live, trust, believe, engage, create, recreate, humble, educate, give, love, blow sun kisses over skin, spread orange over bodies, and lay across the earth...again and again and again....to be continued....


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Mom had said was, uh...

You don't have to wanna... You already are all that you want to be. When the Creator was sculpting you, she gave you an orange halo to frame your magnificence, a mind that could conceive the possibilities of a family, a people, a world that rejoiced in the wonders of the earth we inhabit, spirituality to appreciate Her gifts, empathy that allows you to feel the pain of those who suffer and a heart devoted to bringing peace, joy and love to all those you meet. She also gave you wisdom to know that life's journey sometimes can bring pain as well as pleasure but both are needed to ensure continued growth. Dance on Baby Girl, Dance on and as you dance keep on loving, keep on learning and as you continue to pursue your destiny, drop a few orange sprinkles on us every once in a while so that we can feel, hear Mother Earth through your words.


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