Thursday, October 13, 2005

When love better answer

What does love take? Does it take compromise and humility? Does it take your smile? Does it take your pride? Does it take your strength? Does it take your comfort? Does it make you open up only to make you want to hide deeper, further, and even more stuck than before? I want to love and not feel like I have to lose my stability, my strength, my smile, my pride, or my comfort. I want to grab handfuls of sunshine when I hold my love's outreached hand. I want to ignite a flame in my love so hot that they sweat red, black, and green desire and beautiful brown eagerness to be my sweet perfection. I want to feel like the work I do to make my love's nerves stand on end when I walk in any room is done because my love has made that the only option after receiving their butter melted, sweet and spicy, fudge covered adoration, support, and reassurance of my Queendom in progress...I want my love to give first. I want my love to never doubt what and who I am and to know that I am their perfect destiny. I want my love to fight for me and to never let me roam. I want my love to hold me tight with the same aggression felt by our ancestors who won the battle of holding their families together. I want my love to share with me like they want me to be apart of every part of their lives. I want my love to love freely and without would make me feel safe and warm to receive their honest and powerful appreciation and relentless love of me and who I am and who I want to be. I want to take shots of my loves tenderness until I am drunk with their magnificence. I want to dance freedom into my love's life and whine myself next to my love's third eye so that I can gyrate my love's inner most subconscious in a way that will have my love floating through this space on the fluidity of my comfort clouds. Would love take that? Does love take that? Will love take me with my need for growth, my pain, my smile, my empathy, my desires, my mischief, my curiosity, my tears, my intensity, my impulsiveness, my duality, my attention addiction, my constant search for peace, my contradictions, my modesty, my confusion, my flaws, my humility, my perfection..My love and I are perfect...our perfection may not yet be realized by us, and our perfection still permeates through all uncertainties in the eyes of the Creator...She sees what we cannot...


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I love your sweet and strong


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